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It’s more than willpower, it’s your biology

It starts with biology

Years of study indicate that weight loss isn't as simple as "consume less, exercise more." In reality, a mix of biological, psychological, and environmental aspects significantly contribute to the process.








Discover the Fact

Up to 70% of your weight can be determined by your genes… this doesn’t mean you can’t change it. It just means you have to address what’s going on at the cellular level. 

How is your biology affecting you?

Effective and safe medicine.

Medications prescribed by doctors can address the biological aspects influencing weight.

Our medical professionals can prescribe an array of drugs that tackle various biological challenges in unique ways. For instance, some drugs target the brain’s reward center, while others maintain stable blood sugar levels.

A medical provider from us will determine the most suitable medication for you and will routinely review and modify the prescription if necessary.

Your mental health and environment matter too

A comprehensive approach

ShenShape goes beyond just examining your biology. We consider all the elements involved in sustained weight management and create a medical roadmap tailored just for you.



Stress & emotional health


Social support

You’re in good hands

99% of US doctors are not trained in managing obesity and overweight. We have access to compassionate, board-certified medical experts that are specially trained in obesity.

We discovered a novel approach.

On average, by the sixth month, our members had lost 10% of their body weight and managed to maintain it.

Your happy weight awaits